What is a Master’s degree?

A master’s degree is an academic degree that fits into the postgraduate category. It is also known as master’s degree or magister and, erroneously, confused with diplomas, specialization or postgraduate degrees in general. It should be noted that each of those mentioned above has specific characteristics throughout the year before graduation. Now, let’s see the characteristics that differentiate this grade from the rest of the grades of the same type.



It is generally believed that any postgraduate course has the same duration and it really is not. This is the main difference and it is the one that denotes the emphasis that a person has on learning more. The master’s degree is the longest-lasting type of postgraduate degree. This can vary, but the minimum number of hours is 540 hours. If we translate that into days of 6 hours of classes, that’s 90 days. Plus an amount of 160 hours of tutoring.


Contrary to a diploma, which has a range of between 20 and 120 hours of training, a master’s degree gives us a valid degree that will help us in our future in the workplace. The diplomas are quite short courses that are done with the aim, almost exclusively, of updating knowledge in our area. In the case of postgraduate courses, they are called master’s or specialization courses since they focus on the objectives of these two degrees and are much shorter.


Objective and benefits

A master’s degree aims to give a university degree professional tools in all areas related to his career. Generally these tools enable you to work in almost any area. In addition, we have the fact that this allows you to open more doors than the university degree.

We could speak of a master’s degree as the counterpart of specialization. Why? The objective of the specialization is, as the word indicates, to develop the maximum knowledge in a specific area of ​​the career studied.


The advantages of studying a master’s degree are much more than those of studying a specialization. However, there are people who consider that it is not necessary to learn things outside their area. We can highlight two consecutive aspects to be masters. The first of them is the number of work options to which we can resort. And the second aspect is being able to choose to study for a doctorate, which is the highest academic degree that we can obtain.

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