The importance of a good German course

At you can study simple German courses , you can also take advantage of a series of topics and multimedia content aimed at learning the language. With just a free registration, Deustschakademie offers you a free audio course, such as grammar and stories to practice reading. You can attend 2 classes a week (BASIC PLAN), if you prefer to go a little but fast each and every one of the days one with five hours from Monday to Friday (ACCELERATED PLAN), the most personalized developed to measure where only You are with the teacher (INDIVIDUALIZED PLAN).


With regard to written production, it is convenient to bear in mind that in this course format, the completion of homework at home is given special importance so that you maintain close contact with the language and can acquire the knowledge that let you go to the next level. Learning a new language opens up a planet of new possibilities both in the professional and personal fields. We have German schools in Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Freising, Regensburg, Ingolstadt, Nürnberg and Vienna.

You can attend 2 classes a week (BASIC PLAN), if you prefer to go a little but fast each and every one of the days, one with five hours from Monday to Friday (ACCELERATED PLAN), the personalized but developed to the measure where you are only with the teacher (INDIVIDUALIZED PLAN).These classes are a great alternative option for those who do not want to abandon traditional classes where the physical blackboard is always a fantastic tool, and in our classes we do not give up the blackboard, thanks to our innovative system where you will not miss anything class. If you can’t come during the week, you can participate in a course every Saturday morning that is three hours instead of a couple of times one and five hours, usually from ten to thirteen. Certain levels are also free on Friday 17-20 hours.

Courses of 50/60 working hours adapted to the new levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR) and aimed at those who wish to learn new languages, resume and update knowledge already forgotten, improve oral and written skills. If you are interested in learning German, your personal work circumstances require a minimum knowledge of this language, we are your best choice. We act with the greatest possible flexibility and offer, alongside the afternoon courses, which take place once a week, intensive courses. These encompass a period of one to 4 weeks, at the request of the pupils of the level.

The Goethe Institute is the Institute of Culture of the Federal Republic of Germany and offers a wide range of courses , including extensive and intensive courses, individual courses, exam preparatory courses, courses for small ensembles and also individual courses. In Sierra Nevada, next to the ski resort, there is a paragliding school, where you can take some classes by simply taking a path accompanied by an experienced instructor. EnglishThis is a photograph of the classroom that we equipped with computers in Mexico, my country of origin.


More_vertical The Bowery Poetry Club has become my classroom and my home. I thought that here in the city of Berlin people spoke more English but I was wrong about what I had to do my best and use German (that’s what it’s all about). We propose grammar and vocabulary in specific situations through educational games and dialogues both in classes and in specialized courses (chat, phonetics, technical).

It will only be possible to cancel twenty percent of the contracted classes. They all have enormous time flexibility and teaching experience, they give individual classes in small groups. It is a fresh, lively city, seeking trends and with a tremendously young population; In addition to this, Germany is the most essential exporting country on the planet, so knowing German opens many doors in the job market.

Before the classes, we will carry out an initial level test that will be the starting point of your learning in the language and will determine your level of knowledge . I spent three years in this great school located in the center of Seville. Pupils who pass the closing level of B1 will be entitled to take the CertAcles certification exam relevant to their level for free.

And it is that with our classes you will appreciate progress in a few sessions . Telephone classes are a safe environment to loosen up with English and also improve the conversation. They end up completely falling in love… And of course, there are also those who simply want to learn a new language.


As far as my pupils are concerned, they have the most varied reasons for learning the language of Wolfgang von Goethe: they are interested in the culture of German-speaking countries and want to enjoy reading texts in the original language, understand operas , including rock music lyrics, movies, web pages, weblogs, etc. You will be able to select the option that you like the most and you will not have to worry about just having fun and learning. Since we do give preparation classes for those exams.

And in such a case, what time would the classes have and how much would it cost, and if it would be necessary to take a level test. Contact the Listed Teachers immediately , use our internal mail for free and send messages to the teachers that interest you. I like to engage with their academic development, such as organizing active classes to keep students interested.


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