Master’s Vs. Specialization sistema

A recurring topic of debate among university professionals is whether it is better to study for a master’s degree or a specialization. First of all, we must emphasize that both can be studied and that each seeks to develop something completely different from the other. It is certainly up to each person whether to study one or the other.

Study time period

The first thing we should take into account is that a mastery is longer than a specialization. This may represent a con for some people. But it really shouldn’t be taken that way. In other words, it is knowledge, we cannot turn our backs on the possibility of knowing new things, especially with the orientation that a master’s degree takes.

The specialization on the other hand has a shorter duration. However, this is due to the number of topics covered. Generally in a specialization, a smaller amount of content is treated, so we will see in the next point.


main purpose of each

Master’s degrees have as their main objective training for a much larger field of work, without specifying too much. Now, a specialization is the opposite. It does not reduce the labor field that you have, but it does train for a smaller labor field with specific knowledge on the subject.

It could be said that a master’s degree is knowing a little about a lot and that specialization is knowing a lot about a little. By this we mean the fact that a master’s degree is based on expanding the knowledge you have and teaching more things in a more superficial way than in a specialty.

The specialty, on the other hand, seeks to develop the maximum knowledge of a specific area. For example, a person with a medical degree can take a fellowship in pediatrics. This would make you a very knowledgeable person in a specific area.


Advantages offered by each degree individually

A master’s degree will give us an impressive advantage in the workplace based on the fact that we are able to do many things. However, a specialty will give us priority over all when we choose a job position on which we have done our study.

One expands the labor field to have more options, and the other guarantees employment in the area that has been studied. This is where our ability to choose comes in.

Advantages of studying marketing

Certainly we have many options to develop ourselves in the professional field today. Studying marketing has a peculiarity that could interest several people. Marketing emerges as a science that deals with the study of a market from different points of view.


What is a market?

First of all, we must clarify that the term market in this case is used for the set of buyers, sellers, product, competition, needs and offers. If we take fast food restaurants as an example, we have a market. You have a group of consumers with a need, we have a group of sellers who compete to have the largest number of consumers and we have the product that will be more or less necessary depending on the quality/price ratio.


Advantages of studying Marketing

Studying marketing can have several advantages today. We must take into account why that is what we are going:

  1. Job demand: First of all, in this job things must be done well and deliver results as soon as possible. That is, we must be good at what we do or we will fail. This is challenging, but worth trying. In addition, it is a function that is needed in almost any work environment; from a small company to a large bank. Everyone needs some marketing professional to help them. Becoming a career with enough demand.
  2. Salary: We must admit that many times we get carried away by the amount of money we aspire to get in a job. That’s not bad. Marketing consultants are some of the highest paid employees. Without them, the company could be stuck with the same sales policies and fail.


  1. Diversity of knowledge:  The area of ​​marketing encompasses an impressive number of branches. We go from economics, finance and statistics, to advertising and psychology. Marketing looks for ways to enhance the product or service of a company to ensure that it is sold.
  2. Opening doors:  Although we think that starting a company’s projects is something that requires large investments, there are ideas in particular that do not require much money. This is where we could take advantage of the advantage we would have against the competition. We will have marketing knowledge, that is, knowledge about the operation and behavior of a market; This would make it much easier for us to reach the needs of our clients, cover them in the best possible way and for the lowest possible price, without generating losses for us.


Thinking big and taking risks is the key . If we don’t do this, we will not only limit our chances in life, but we will fail as marketers. It is an exciting branch, whose horizons are visible right now, but we will always find something beyond, once we have reached them.


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