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Classes are given by up to four trainee teachers supervised by a teacher from the academy. If you like this weblog, you will almost certainly like our online Skype English course as well. Finally, regarding the comparison of Skype and face-to-face classes, I must say that face-to-face classes are, above all, recommended when the pupil considers that physical contact with the teacher is essential.


In the case of face-to-face classes, the groups must not exceed five pupils. And the second, in the case of Skype classes, you should try to ensure that the equipment and internet connections are convenient, since technical failures can increase in relation to the number of people participating in the class. Face-to-face English classes are very, very different from Skype classes, but it cannot truly be said that one is better than the other, but there are advantages and disadvantages in each and every one of these modalities.

The perfect complement to English at school: active and entertaining classes in small groups. Great taste a lot at any time and free time I practice it for those who want to learn and chat English. Auckland’s Casa Latina offers free English classes one day a week for one hour.


The exercises and German courses in Madrid for children that we offer at Planeta Primary are very interactive and help children improve their grammar to form adequate sentences, and expand their English lexicon so that the child gradually learns more terms and can hold a talk in your second language. In person, our classes are given in 6 own language academies in Tenerife and Gran Canaria, in more than ten public, concerted and private centers in the aforementioned islands and in the headquarters of some of the most renowned local and international companies. Although the strongest point of the telephone classes is the freedom of content.

The first option when studying English is usually face-to-face classes, but not always and in all circumstances are they viable. Telephone classes are a safe environment to loosen up with English and also improve the conversation. To offer your services to look for a job with Language classes in Ávila, all you have to do is register in this directory, it is absolutely free of charge and it will not take you more than two minutes.


The schedules of our English classes in León depend on the students, but they do not start before 8 in the morning, nor do they end after 10 at night. So that you completely lose the fear of chatting in the English immersion courses: Pueblo Inglés and Villa Inglesa. I advise everyone who studies English to try this experience, because apart from having fun they will take a giant step forward in learning.

Hello, thank you very much for all the information, but I was wondering if you would know of any academy of this kind in the Surrey area, Epsom, it is that the classes that are in this area are not very good and I would like to save money and take advantage of the classes. I live in West Norwood, I wanted to know if there are English courses in this area if they can be free because I don’t work and I’m from Spain. The courses usually last about four weeks and the class schedule is from Monday to Friday from 1:45 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Thanks to the development of new technologies, the Internet has established itself as a great language learning tool, largely replacing traditional language academies due to its low cost and flexibility. The shinai, a practice sword, is also used as a whipping instrument, very common in private extracurricular schools. If you want to start classes with a teacher not mentioned, make a single payment of two and ninety-five euros to receive the teacher’s contact information and be able to start classes.


Diploma in English Linguistics from the University of Salamanca with a Master in Teaching Secondary Education, School of Languages ​​and Professional Training. Our FREE English Courses are not a grammar, they are a sequential and organized multimedia learning procedure (including audio, pronunciation, lexicon, illustrations, grammar, exercises with answers and other activities) so that you learn English in a practical and effective way and not just theory.


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